Mukify use cookies on our website to implement our services and their analytics. You can prevent the use of cookies by making changes to your browser settings, but this may result in the service not working on your device. uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as your browser’s local storage. Cookies are small text files between the device’s browser and the server. Cookies and other tags have an expiration date, after which the browser deletes the file. We use these technologies to implement functions, personalize them, perform analytics and marketing targeting.

Functional cookies and local storage are used e.g. for customer identification, login maintenance, delivery time estimates, and shopping cart functions. The use and acceptance of cookies and local storage for these activities is mandatory. The functional cookies and local storage variables set by the server remain in the browser for 30 min – 12 months, unless they are specifically deleted from the browser settings. Visiting the site resets cookies and local storage variables if the browser allows it.

The partners and technologies we use for analytics and marketing targeting, such as pixel tags and cookies, gives us better understanding of our customers’ behavior and tells us which products, features and services interest our customers. The data used is anonymized whenever possible. Otherwise, we treat the data as personal in those respects as the identifier contains customer targeting data, such as an IP address. Tags that can be associated with a customer in some way are also treated as personal data. The validity of the tags is 30sec -24 months.

We utilize Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, Google Display Network, and Google DoubleClick to analyze our site usage, popular products, trends, and sales, and, with your consent, to target marketing. The information you send to Google is anonymized.